Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0
Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0
Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0
Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0
Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0
Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0
Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0
Goddess Silk New Digital 2.0

Ultrasound hair straightener Hg Goddes Silk 2.0 New Digital

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The Goddess Silk combines Ultra Sonic and Infra Red technology.

A hairdresser’s professional salon needs high-quality products, to be able to create perfect hairstyles and to be able to guarantee the greatest care of any kind of hair from wavy hair to frizzy to fine hair. Very often more specific treatments are required, one of the most popular being keratin treatments, that helps to repair hair that has been stressed and damaged by external agents, such as pollution, or just a hectic lifestyle.

To optimise the treatment and guarantee successful results, you need to have the correct tools that help you achieve these goals. The Goddess Silk 2.0 New Digital hair-straightener is a useful accessory, that is essential, particularly in these cases. It can be used with any kind of hair product or hairstyle and allows for a higher absorption of nutrients, as well as reduced styling times.

In practical terms, this hair straightener breaks the hydrogen molecules that are included in the products applied to hair and in this way allows the hair to absorb more of the product: this results in silky, smooth and healthy-looking hair. This hair-straightener is a resilient product and suitable for continual use, as would be needed in a hair salon. This tool will give sure results and has been made with high quality materials.

Hg Goddess Silk 2.0 New Digital -A professional hair-straightener for hair care

With the Goddess Silk 2.0 New Digital straightener, the product applied to hair can be better absorbed, amplifying the effectiveness of any treatment and leaving hair healthy and silky smooth. Due to the increase in concentration thanks to ultrasound, the hair fibre can absorb more product and the styling time is shortened, allowing for a quicker client turnover and higher work performance. Moreover, it can replace heat lamps, drastically decreasing the waiting time to obtain the desired result. Performance, practicality and efficiency: all these aspects are crucial to hair care.

The Goddess Silk 2.0 New Digital is aesthetically similar to common hair-straighteners, but it has wider plates, perfect for various hair treatments, such as restorative ones for damaged hair. In addition, this is a professional product that’s more specific and advanced, suitable for a hair salon. It’s a high-tech hair-straightener, with features such as ultrasound that are only active when it’s in touch with hair. At the same time, infrared radiation is also active: this serves to intensify the ultrasound and consequently have a reinforced result. As a result, the scalp will appear healthy, with perfect levels of both humidity and elasticity of the skin. As a consequence, the hair will also benefit.

The Goddess Silk combines Ultra Sonic and Infra Red technology. This unique combination enables the appliance of hair conditioner/reconstruction treatment in a way that triples the effectiveness of the treatment. It produces a surprising finish by increasing the volume of the hair, and creating that much sought-after salon with a beautiful silky finish, leaving the user’s hair in excellent condition.

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