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Increasingly in demand, with surprising results for skin and hair health, oxygen therapy is the new treatment technology in aesthetic medicine. Stimulates cell self-renewal thanks to an anti-aging, firming and toning action it strengthens brittle hair


Increasingly in demand, with surprising results for skin and hair health, oxygen therapy is the new treatment technology in aesthetic medicine. The air we breathe is about 20% oxygen. This element has a fundamental role in our life and our physical well-being. Medical studies have shown that perfect tissue oxygenation has high benefits for our body, given that every cell needs this element to properly survive. A correct supply of oxygen limits the onset of anomalies and health problems; on the contrary, a decreasing quantity of oxygen weakens our skin and makes it less toned. This is why oxygen therapy is the perfect answer to the problem of skin aging.



the luxury of a SPA treatment for your scalp


Stimulates cell self-renewal thanks to an anti-aging, firming and toning action It strengthens brittle hair (weakened by chemical treatm ents, mèches, stress, hormonal factors, sea, pool) and makes it silky It sta bilizes sebaceous secretions it eliminat es dry and oily dandruff it ma kes hair more voluminous, shiny and strong it promotes natural hair growth.


Our nebulizer vaporises lotions and solutions on skin and helps conveying them according to all customer’s needs. The oxygen pressure coming out of the handpiece (about 1.3 bar) maximises the absorption of the lotion, that is mix ed with the oxygen in the air: this increases the effectiveness of the treatment. This synergy is the secret of the extraordinary results guaranteed by Oxytherapy. The benefits and therapeutic properties of the treatment can be amplified by replacing the lotions with healing vials.


The machine is used to disperse the lotions into tiny droplets, which easily penetrate into tissues. This non-invasive and painless treatment is suita ble both for women and men. When performed on the skin, it improves cellular meta bolism: in fact, the air under pressure eliminates dead cells from skin and avoids the onset of bacteria. The treatment also has a positi ve effect in the trichological field, as it stimulat es the microcirculation of the scalp and hair follicles; it also improves cell self-renewal, minimizes hair loss and activates hair growth.


My.oxy 1

Use of oxy as a preparer

  • on uncleaned skin

Use of oxygen as a treatment for the preparation of the skin and stimulation of the microcirculation to increase the receptivity of the most suitable treatment for each type of abnormality. Increased oxygen supply: eliminates toxins and decongests the skin with a targeted massage.

My.oxy 2

Use of oxy as a conveyor

  • on all type of skin after cleansing
  1. Scalp analysis
  2. Use oxygen as a skin preparati on treatment
  3. Apply shampoos and conditi oners suita ble for the treatment of the noticed anomaly
  4. Proceed on the clean skin, inserting the specific elixi r into the special ampoule: it increases the active function according to the anomaly found
  5. Focus on the areas most affected by the anomaly
  6. Proceed to drying

My.oxy 3

Use oxy as fiber restructuring

  1. Use a specific shampoo
  2. Rinse thoroughly and towel-dry excess water
  3. Treatment may begin by spraying oxygen on the skin for 5 minutes with the most appropriate solution based on the skin anomaly
  4. Pour into the ampoule of the airbrush 7 ml of the most suitable solution to counteract the anomalies of the staem. Use oxit eraphy for about 15 minutes
  5. Proceed to styling


Sessions last from 15 to 20 minutes. We suggest the maintenance at home using specific products recommended by your trusted hairdresser. Visible results already after the first session

Jaluronic active concentrate oxyterapy


Concentrated volumizing serum for lips, suita ble to be used with oxygen nebulizer and at omizer.

Botox active concentrate oxyterapy


Concentrated serum containing snails’ trails, glycolate, collagen, allantoin, lactic acid, vitamins, mineral, anti-protease for an immediate reconstruction of the skin layers.


Using compressed oxygen to convey the active ingredients of oils and serums, which penetrate the cellular lumen, energising and nourishing it, allows the stimulation of tissues with impressive benefits for health. Applying 100% pure essential oils to scalp keeps skin and hair healthy, improves blood circulation and is useful for treating scalp conditions. Therapy allows the use of customized combinations of oils, to meet any customers’ need. The serums allow to obtain an intense brightness and compactness of the tissues, to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, stimulates the process of cellular repair and provides deep hydration.

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