D-Clipper Professional
D-Clipper Professional
D-Clipper Professional
D-Clipper Professional
D-Clipper Professional
D-Clipper Professional

Hg New D-Clipper Razor - Professioal Hair Clipper

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Professional hair clipper.

Some hairstyles and cuts need definition and the use of a razor: professional salons know this well. Add to this the fact that more and more often even the male public, who visit barbers or hair salons, are asking for fashionable cuts more and more and want a trendy touch to their look. All these reasons make the Hg New D-Clipper razor an indispensable product for professionals in the industry.

The New HG D-Clipper is suitable for special hairstyles that require the sharp cut of the razor for a shaved effect or to achieve a very sleek cut and to be able to meet the needs of any request for hairstyle from both genders. This is an advanced product compared to classic similar shavers, both in terms of performance and technology.

Technical features of the Hg New D-Clipper razor

This razor is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that allows for a high performance. Think of the fact that its battery life is twice as long as that of a standard ones: an important factor for saving time. It comes with a quick charge function: after 3 hours of charging the razor can work in continuous use for four and a half hours.

The engine of the Hair Clipper uses novel technologies compared to other similar products on the market and has a 3 times longer service life. As one of the most frequent problems of a razor is the durability of the engine, this razor was created to ensure for 2,000 hours of operation. The motor's performance is also enhanced by an overload protection, which intervenes when necessary.

A continuous performance razor

The Hg New D-Clipper razor is strong and durable and because of its great strength is perfect in professional salons and barbers, where it is required to be used frequently. The razor head is made of ceramic, a material known to be a "friend to the hair" and thus to maintain its health and beauty. This is replaceable so it ensures many cycles without gong blunt and preserving one of the main characteristics that a razor must have: the sharpening.

This product is equipped with a convenient digital power indicator to better manage its use. It has been built according to the regulations for which it is certified in accordance with EC legislation.

Professional hair clipper.

  • Remaining power indications
  • Over charge protection
  • High capacity Li-ion battery
  • No memory effect, long life-time (double longer than normal battery)
  • Quick charge, long time of use 3 hours of quick charge, 4.5 hours of long use
  • Long life time of strong motor
  • Upgraded Motor (3 times longer life time than normal motor)
  • Ceramic blades
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