Hg Spectrum IR iron professional infrared hair straightener

Hg Spectrum IR iron: the professional infrared hair straightener (normal and XL)

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SPECTRUM IR IRON Repairs damaged hair.


The Hg Spectrum IR iron is a straightener of excellent and professional performances: an essential product for every hair salon. It comes in two versions: normal and XL. The difference is in the size of the plates: you can choose according to your needs or choose to have both, to be prepared in case of any type of hair and hairstyle.

The infrared technology maintains the hairstyle for a longer time. This feature cares for the hair, which remains soft and shiny, whether you are creating a straight hairstyle, whether you want to create a wavy hairstyle, or soft curls on medium or long cuts. The perfect smooth effect is guaranteed on short hair. Infrared technology is renowned for protecting the hair and ensuring its well-being.

Technical features of Hg Spectrum IR iron is a straightener

The Hg Spectrum IR features temperature regulation, so you can choose from a range that spans from 90° to 230°, useful in case of treatments with keratin or particularly strong and thick hair. The maximum temperature is reached in 40 seconds: a short time, which allows optimization and speeding up the work of the hairdresser, as well as energy savings.

The wire is 3m long, as required for a professional activity. The plates adhere uniformly to the hair from the root to the tip, ensuring a successful result and, in the case of treatment with keratin, a homogeneous distribution. The plates are flexible and made of tourmaline ceramic: this material has always been renowned for having a soft approach and preventing the hair from being overly stressed.

Healthy and well-groomed hair

This hair straightener is extremely handy, does not dry the hair and therefore keeps it shiny. It can also be used on damaged or chemically treated hair. It preserves the hairstyle for longer, as the cuticles are closed by using the ionizer: the frizzy effect is prevented regardless of the weather!

The sum of infrared and positive ions allows, in a single stroke, to achieve high level styling. From an organizational point of view, the Hg Spectrum IR iron hair straightener reduces processing time: particularly useful for a professional salon, especially when crowded. These plates prevent the formation of bacteria, allowing for the healthy growth of hair. In the case of coloured hair that is not oxidized, this straightener protects the coloration.

Infrared Tecnology Advantages

  • Contrasts the formation of bacteria for a healthier hair
  • Stimulates growth
  • Helps damaged hair
  • Keeps shining longer the hair color on not-oxidised hair
  • Reduces hair set time
  • Eliminatesfrizzies closing cuticles, softens and extricates with Ionizer
  • For an antistatic and shiny effect since first application
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